Writing Selenium Test Cases

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29 – Element Handling in Selenium Part-4

Selenium Class 29: Element Handling in Selenium Part-4 9) Handle Drop down Box Check Displayed Status Check Enabled Status Select an Item Return Items Count Selenium WebDriver Steps: driver.get(“http://www.gcrit.com/build3/create_account.php?osCsid=6rqlkhhibc3d4pvkdt6fafs4s1”); boolean displayStatus = driver.findElement(By.name(“country”)).isDisplayed(); System.out.println(displayStatus);//true...

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27 – Element Handling in Selenium Part – 2

Selenium Class 27: Element Handling in Selenium Part-2 1) Handling Browser Manual Operations: Lunch the Browser Navigate to a specified url Return Browser Title Return Browser Url Return Page Source Return Browser Window Handle...