Selenium Syllabus

Selenium Course Syllabus

I) Selenium Fundamentals
(Introduction to Selenium and Selenium Test Life Cycle)

II) Java for Selenium

(Java Environment Setup, Java Data Types, Java Modifiers, Java Variables, Java Operators, Java Comments, Java Control Flow, String Handling in Java, Java Array and ArrayList, Java IO, Java Methods, Java Constructor, Exception Handling, Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation.)

III) Selenium WebDriver

(Introduction to Selenium WebDriver, Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup, Web Elements and Operations, Web Element Locators, Element Locators, Inspecting Elements, Selenium WebDriver API Commands, Browser Commands, Commands for Web Elements, Verification Commands, Writing Basic Selenium Test Cases, Enhancing Selenium Test Cases, Selenium Data Driven Testing, Selenium Cross Browser Testing and Selenium Batch Testing.)

IV) TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium

(Install TestNG for Selenium, TestNG Annotations and Attributes, Creating Test Batches, Grouping Test Cases, Prioritizing Test Cases, Executing Test batches and generating Test Reports, Data Driven Testing and Parallel Testing.)

V) Automation Framework Design & Implementation

(Maven Integration and Jenkins Integration, Create Folder Structure, Create Test Automation Resources (Object Repositories, Customized Commands, Reusable Functions, Test Data etc,), Create Test Cases using Test Automation Resources and Execute Test Batches using Driver Script and generate Test Result.)

VI) Selenium Project

(Understanding the AUT, Derive Test Scenarios, Selenium Test Environment Setup (Using Eclipse IDE, Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins etc,), Create Selenium Test Cases, Execute Test Batches and Analyze Test Results.)