JMeter Online Test

JMeter Online Test Explanation

  1. Apache JMeter is a ….. Tool
  2. JMeter is a pure….based Application
  3. Jmeter is not used for…
  4. Jmeter does not support….
  5. In JMeter, BSF stands for…
  6. Jmeter can be used to test performance of…
  7. Endurance Testing is possible by Jmeter?
  8. Test plans built using JMeter are OS dependent?
  9. … not an element of JMeter?
  10. Which assertion is not used in Jmeter?
  11. Which of the following platforms isn’t supported by JMeter?
  12. Which of the following will help JMeter in reducing the Resource Usage?
  13. Which of the following Extractor allows the user to extract values from an XML/HTML response?
  14. Select JMeter controller which makes the user request run test plan with a specified number of times
  15. What type of application JMeter doesn’t test?
  16. What is not a component of Distributed Jmeter Test
  17. What is the time value usually selected for the Ramp-Up period in a database test plan?
  18. Which data format is used by SOAP for data exchange?
  19. … a status code for page not found error?
  20. What is the first step to do for every JMeter Test Plan?