G C Reddy Software Testing Video Tutorials (Manual Testing, Selenium, UFT, JMeter, SQL, Java, Python and Domain Knowledge)

Software Testing Tutorials
Software Testing Video Tutorials

Software Testing

1) Manual Testing

(Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC Models, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques and Software Test Life Cycle.)

2) Selenium

(Introduction to Selenium, Java for Selenium, Selenium Environment Setup, Writing Selenium Test Cases, TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium, Maven Integration with Selenium, Selenium Grid, and Selenium Automation Framework Design & Implementation.)

3) UFT

(UFT Tool Fundamentals, Object Repository, Checkpoints, Output Values, Object Identification Configuration, VBScript for UFT, Automation Framework and Integration with ALM)

4) JMeter

(Performance Testing Fundamentals, Apache JMeter Installation, JMeter Fundamentals, Elements of JMeter, Creating JMeter Test Plans, Web Performance Testing, Database Server Performance, Web Services Testing, Distributed Testing and JMeter Result Analysis.)

5) SQL

(Introduction to Structured Query Language, SQL Language Elements, SQL Data Types, SQL Operators, SQL Functions, SQL Comments, SQL – Data Definition Language, SQL – Data Manipulation Language and Data Control Language.)

6) Java Programming

(Java Environment Setup, Java Data Types, Java Modifiers, Java Comments, Java Variables, Java Operators, Java Control Flow, Java Strings, Java Arrays, Java IO, Java Methods, Java Exception Handling and Java Object Oriented Programming. (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Encapsulation.))

7) Python Programming

(Python Download & Installation, Python Variables, Python Operators, Python Comments, Python Strings, Python Arrays, Python IO, Python Control Flow, Python Exception Handling and Python Object Oriented Programming.)

8) Domain Knowledge

(BFSI Domain, Banking Domain Knowledge, Insurance Domain Knowledge, ERP Domain, Healthcare Domain, Telecom Domain, ECommerce Domain and Retail Domain Knowledge for Software Professionals.)

9) Appium

10) SoapUI